Business Structuring

Proper business structure is critical in maximizing asset protection as well as minimizing state and federal taxes.  However, small and medium sized closely-held businesses have too often outgrown their original structures or have not adapted to the changing tax laws.  As a result, the business or the business owner is risking business or personal assets and incurring unnecessary taxes.

To assist business owners in selecting the best legal entity to conduct a business, several factors are analyzed, such as:

  • Current ownership of the business(es)
  • Future ownership plans of the ownership
  • Laws pertaining to Federal Income Tax
  • Federal employment/payroll tax
  • State taxes
  • Industry
  • Assets held within the business
  • States in which business operates
  • Duration of business operations
  • Current business structure

Our team of experts will review your current structure and recommend a change of entity type and/or additional entity types to maximize asset protection and tax savings.